Longtai Medical has been awarded the scientific and technological sme qualification in 2020

Date:2020-05-06 View:115

According to the evaluation Measures for Science and Technology small and Medium-sized Enterprises (No. 115 [2017]) and Guidelines for The Evaluation Measures for Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Trial) (No. 144 [2017]), Longtai Medical Has been granted the qualification of Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2020 after self-evaluation by enterprises, verification by evaluation institutions and public publicity."Integrity is the foundation of the society, innovation is the soul of enterprise development" is the core values of Longtai, "deeply cultivate the intelligent medical industry, create a national medical brand" is the founding mission and vision of Longtai. In 2020, Longtai Medical will not forget its original intention and continue to focus on scientific research, development and production of high-tech and high-end intelligent medical technology products. Adhere to innovation, strive for breakthroughs, to achieve the vision of "high-end medical equipment, independently made in China" into the strength and blood.