Qiyi technology, a world-class miniature image processing expert

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  The 2017 Asia Pacific smart medical expo was held from May 26 to May 28 in guangzhou. The appearance of qi yi technology co., ltd. in Taiwan with world-class products attracted the attention of experts, scholars, industry peers and the news media. Mr. Lin yancong, general manager of qi yi technology co., LTD., accepted the interview of exhibition micro view and conducted a wonderful product demonstration on site.

Lin yancong, general manager of Qiyi technology

  Qi yi technology (Taiwan) is a company mainly engaged in miniaturized image module innovation and development, and its special applications. Thanks to the company's design and development of the core technology in the early nearly 20 years -- high-quality CMOS optical module, qi yi technology is now to obtain the ISO 9001/14001/13485 certification, the product functions and specifications developed, whether in the picture quality and performance performance, especially in industrial and medical products applications, has been in the market position.

  According to Lin, Taiwan qi yi technology to create the ultimate human medical products as the vision of the enterprise, focusing on the medical level of various endoscopic development, looking forward to the future medical surgery, the development of disposable products, in order to reduce the surgery and treatment of infection. At the very beginning, the company introduced 3.9mm 10mp module and 8mm 30mp image module with high sensitivity, which was far ahead of the market at that time. In 2013, the company developed a 4.3mm diameter macro 300 megapixel medical module and the first multi-functional animal mirror with a 5 "LCD display on the market. In 2015, the company has achieved the challenge design of an image module with a diameter of only 1.5mm.

  At the scene of the 2017 Asia Pacific smart medical expo, qi yi technology brought several world-class imaging module technologies. Including 160000 pixels world-class micro image module, this is only 1.5 mm super miniature design module, 400 x 400 pixel image quality within the miniature camera module design, nearly confocal optical design perfect and accurate, and can realize dynamic digital zoom, make natural open channel from anesthesia relaxed and easy, mainly is suitable for the urinary tract mirror, arms folded, bronchoscope, micro channel using hysteroscopy and arthroscopy.

 Another item is the ultra hd 1080p 60 frame image module. YUY2 format supports the operation with the highest 1080p pixel of 60mm, and the size can be directly entered into the laparoscope with the smallest hole device of 5mm. With LED light source, innovative design with two-way bending, supports MJPG or h.264 output applications, and high quality glass lens design that can be sterilized and reused. It can be used in gastroscope, laparoscope, proctoscope, proctoscope and other fields.

  In addition, the site also shows a combination of ultra hd minimally invasive surgery endoscopy. This is a simple and lightweight portable medical operation system, the maximum support to 1080 p 60 frames, meet AAMI/CSA/IEC/EN606011 3.1 safety certification, with high brightness LED light source, super mini hd 3.9 mm insert diameter, with advanced automatic white balance, automatic exposure and automatic gain control, can be widely used in gastroscope, laparoscopic rectal speculum, such as qing endoscopy especially for outpatient surgery or emergency outdoor applications.

  In recent years, Taiwan qi yi technology has also participated in CMEF Shanghai spring exhibition, Taiwan Medicare, Germany Medica and other series of exhibitions, which has gained extensive attention in the world. Technology changes life, as a miniature image processing expert, I believe that Taiwan qi yi technology will continue to deepen research and development and professional management, continue to bring us surprises.

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