Ningbo Longtai Medical Technology co. LTD

  Founded in 1994, Ningbo Longtai Healthcare is a comprehensive medical technology group company which started from the agency of medical devices and equipment, grew up in the medical and health product service and aspired to the production of intelligent medical equipment. The group has more than 500 employees, strong medical device market channels and supplier resources, and provides long-term cooperation services for more than 5000 hospitals in China. Longtai Healthcare has established its leading position in China's image medical device sales industry with outstanding product quality, convincing service reliability and excellent peer reputation.

  Longtai Healthcare has invested and built a headquarters base of about 26000 square meters in 2015, and a 100000 square meters Ningbo intelligent medical industrial park in 2019. Longtai Healthcare is committed to building an industrial cluster integrating production and manufacturing, R & D innovation, co-working and warehousing logistics.

  Longtai Healthcare adheres to the responsibility of creating its own national brand and improving its own brand competitiveness. Longtai always attaches great importance to the innovation of intellectual property, and has successively obtained a series of intellectual property certificates such as trademark registration, invention patent, utility model, etc.

  • 1994
    Date of establishment
  • 500
    Group staff
  • 26000平方米
    Headquarters base
  • 100000平方米
    Industrial Park
Longtai Memorabilia
Longtai Honor
The development of this new type of high-end minimally invasive surgical robot system with independent intellectual property rights can also promote the development of China's high-end medical equipment industry and build a new international image of "high-end medical equipment, made in China".
  • Service Sector Growth Enterprises
  • Yinzhou District Red Cross Charity Award
  • 2014 OutstandingContribution Award
  • 2017 UrbanIndustry Progress Award
  • 2018 Urban Iindustry Award
  • The 2019 Snnual Award
  • Yinzhou Red Cross
  • Zhejiang Red Cross Bronze Award
    • Corporate Mission & Vision
      Cultivate the intelligent medical industry and build the national medical brand
    • Core Values
      Honesty is the basis of the society, innovation is the soul of enterprise development
    • Enterprise Spirit
      Honesty and pragmatism, excellence, unity and forge ahead, create brilliant