Employees are the foundation of the development of the company and the wealth of the company
The development of the enterprise cannot be separated from the growth of employees. The continuous operation of the enterprise depends on the joint efforts of all longtai employees.
  • Longtai Medical Talent View
    Uphold the principle of "respect the value of people, develop the potential of people, sublimate the soul of people", the ordinary people become excellent people, excellent people become outstanding people, to achieve the dream of life.
  • Guiding Ideology

    Respect people's values

    Develop people's potential

    Sublimate the soul

  • Talent Management
    Around the construction of longtai talent team, differentiated management system is formed for different groups, forming a closed loop of management of talent standards, planning, selection, training, use and retention.
  • Pursue Goal
    To devote better products to the society is the goal that longtai people strive for and the concrete embodiment of longtai's historical mission.
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