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C# Host Computer Development Engineer
Technical Department
Ningbo Yinzhou
  • Address: No. 655 Wenshui Road, Yinzhou, Ningbo or No. 209 Zhuyuan Road, Suzhou High-tech Zone

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Participate in customer requirement research and analyze detailed software technology requirements.

    2. Responsible for software architecture and scheme design

    3. Write complete code to realize software function

    4. Testing and perfecting software

    5. Writing Software Development Documents

    Skill requirements:

    1. College degree or above, more than 3 years of C# development experience, proficient in relevant programming technology;

    2. Proficient in Windows desktop development, familiar with C/S software architecture, proficient in using VS development tools and C # development language;

    3. Proficiency in WinForm or WFM development;

    4. Be familiar with database development (view, stored procedure, etc.).

    5. Can skillfully apply various design patterns, and have the ability of object-oriented design and development;

    6. Be able to analyze and plan the business logic processing of the project independently, and realize the development of related functional applications.

    7. Having good programming and documentation habits, good learning ability and sense of teamwork;

    8. Familiar with CAN communication protocol, experience in automotive electronics related product development is preferred.

Embedded Software Engineer
Engineering Department
Ningbo Yinzhou
  • Address:

    No. 655 Wenshui Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo or No. 209 Zhuyuan Road, Suzhou

    High-tech Zone

    Job responsibilities:

    1.Complete the software requirement analysis report according to the requirements of customers or new product development projects;

    2.Responsible for product embedded software architecture and design, and complete related technical documentation;

    3.Use the selected programming language and development tools to complete the design and implementation of the software at the source level.

    4.Software debugging, testing and maintenance;

    5.Cooperate with engineering department to complete product debugging and testing.

    Job requirements:

    1.Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, communication, electronics, instrumentation, etc.

    2.Have more than 3 years of embedded system development experience, responsible for at least two projects;

    3.Skillfully use ST, TI, NXP or Reza MCU to design and develop embedded system and software.

    4.Have basic knowledge of hardware and understand schematic diagram;

    5.Familiar with CAN, SPI, I2C, PWM, UART and other interface drivers or communication protocols;

    6.Experience in automotive electronics development is preferred.

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